2021 marks the 10th anniversary of the Top 30 Under 30 award.  We have also just entered the final 10 years on our road towards 25 September 2030, the deadline for the world to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

To commemorate this momentous year in the midst of a global pandemic, we asked the 2021 Top 30 Under 30 to write a call-to-action letter to a government official, organization, or individual of their choice, speaking to the issues they believe need to be addressed now more than ever.  Youth have been invited to send these letters during International Development Week.  A copy of these letters will be kept in a time capsule to be opened and shared by ACGC on 25 September 2030.

Watch the Now For 2030 campaign video below that highlights messages from the 2021 cohort of Top 30 Under 30:

Excerpts from these letters can be found in the profiles below.  We invite you to read about their passions for social change, and be inspired to take action #Nowfor2030.

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