“Don’t be afraid to be vocal about the issues you are passionate about, your voice and experiences are incredibly meaningful, you have the power to make the world a more equitable place.”

Ziyana Kotadia

2024 Top 30 Under 30


AGE: 23



CURRENT RESIDENCE: Cambridge, United Kingdom


  • Young Diplomats of Canada
  • Canadian Council of Young Feminists
  • Safe Campus Coalition
  • Swallow-a-Bicycle Theatre
  • Plan International Canada
  • Cambridge Journal of Political Affairs


What specific issue(s) are you taking on, and what inspires you to do so?

I am a gender justice advocate, scholar, and activist focused on gender-based violence prevention and response, menstrual equity, and addressing structural sexism in Canadian electoral politics.

What does climate change or climate justice mean to you? To your work?

Climate justice means appreciating that in a world so steeped in patriarchal power and colonial logic, the climate crisis produces gendered, racialized, and socioeconomically-stratified harms. Climate justice requires gender-responsive crisis planning, centering Indigenous knowledge and recommendations, and strengthening mutual aid networks.

What advice do you have for other young people looking to get involved in sustainable development?

Changemaking is multifaceted: wherever your strengths lie, you can contribute to the project of building a more equitable, sustainable future. We need activists, artists, and academics who will push us to creatively reimagine new ways of existing in the world, just as we need advocates, leaders, and policy specialists who will prioritize making the institutions we move through every day more equitable. Each of us can make a difference in the spheres we have access to, and together we can create a more just world.

Ziyana collaborating with Sophie Gregoire Trudeau on International Women’s Day 2023 for an Instagram Live conversation about the state of gender equality in Canada.

Ziyana speaking to Global News about her work as the inaugural Chair of the Safe Campus Coalition and role as a co-author on the ‘Our Campus, Our Safety’ National Action Plan to end gender-based violence on Canadian post-secondary campuses.

Ziyana co-hosting Plan International Canada’s Girls Belong Here celebration event, bringing together industry leaders from all sectors to appreciate the need for more gender-diverse leadership.

Ziyana and Maddie Osborne celebrating successful advocacy efforts to receive an unprecedented $800.000 investment from Western University to support a student-run free menstrual products program.

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