“Ignite with passion, collaborate with purpose, and embrace continuous learning to forge meaningful change and inspire a world that cherishes both people and the planet.”

Nima MAcci

2024 Top 30 Under 30


AGE: 28





  • National Council of Canadian Muslims
  • Islamic Relief Canada


What specific issue(s) are you taking on, and what inspires you to do so?

I am deeply committed to tackling global challenges, specifically poverty, food instability, and energy needs, while promoting diverse perspectives. Serving as the former President of the Orphan Sponsorship Program, my team and I organized 16 fundraisers to ensure ongoing support for orphans worldwide, instilling a dedication to alleviating poverty and engaging in numerous creative endeavors for the greater good while fostering opportunities for continuous growth and learning. In my role of serving on the steering committee of an inclusion and diversity network at my workplace, I actively lead initiatives to break down cultural barriers and foster an inclusive work environment. Grounded in the principles instilled by my parents—emphasizing the importance of education, community service, compassion, and kindness—I am motivated to actively contribute to positive change. This commitment propels me to address challenges like pain, suffering, injustice, and hunger, aligning with our collective goal of building a more equitable and inclusive world.

What does climate change or climate justice mean to you? To your work?

Climate change and climate justice hold profound personal and professional significance for me. Personally, climate change signifies an urgent global crisis affecting ecosystems, biodiversity, and our planet’s overall health. Climate justice emphasizes the ethical imperative to address these challenges equitably, ensuring that the most vulnerable communities are not disproportionately burdened.

In leadership roles, such as serving as the President of the 2021 Alberta Student Energy Conference (ASEC), my team and I made it a point to acknowledge the energy sector’s pivotal role in climate change. ASEC 2021 provided a platform for discussing sustainable practices and fostering dialogue on transitioning to cleaner energy sources through the lens of ongoing innovation. Managing the 2022 Green Square Campaign for the National Council of Canadian Muslims also highlights the intersection of climate justice and social justice. By engaging corporations and institutions in commemorating the Quebec City Mosque Attack victims, the campaign aligns with the broader goal of creating a more equitable and sustainable world. Climate change and climate justice guide my commitment to promoting awareness, inclusivity, and sustainable practices in initiatives addressing both environmental and social challenges.

What advice do you have for other young people looking to get involved in sustainable development?

For those aspiring to make a difference in sustainable development, my advice centers on passion, collaboration, and continuous learning. Firstly, discover a cause within sustainability that truly ignites your passion, whether it’s environmental conservation, social justice, or economic equality. This connection will fuel your commitment and enhance the impact of your efforts.

Secondly, prioritize collaboration as sustainable development is a collective endeavor. Work with organizations, like-minded peers, and communities to magnify the potential for positive change. Collaborating across disciplines and cultural backgrounds enriches your perspective and leads to more innovative solutions. Embrace a mindset of continuous learning, as the field is dynamic and multifaceted. Stay informed about evolving challenges and solutions by attending workshops, engaging with experts, and keeping updated on the latest research. This commitment to adaptability and ongoing education ensures that your efforts remain relevant and effective in addressing the complex issues inherent in sustainable development. By embodying passion, fostering collaboration, and committing to continuous learning, young individuals can meaningfully contribute to building a more sustainable and equitable world.

Nima and her 2017-2019 executive team for the Orphan Sponsorship Program (now known as Islamic Relief at the University of Calgary).

Nima and the Alberta Student Energy Conference (ASEC) 2021 Planning Committee providing closing remarks for their virtual 2-day conference that garnered up to 600 attendees, including 200 international student attendees from around the world.

Nima and the judging panel for the “Dragon’s Den Grand Finale” of the Hack Hate Canada competition, where the winning team was awarded up to $50,000 of seed funding for their app idea. Fellow judges (photographed here from left to right) included Dr. Mohamed Lechami, President and Vice-Chancellor of Toronto Metropolitan University; Yung Wu ,CEO of MaRS Discovery District and co-founder of Coalition of Innovation Leaders Against Racism (CILAR); Ginella Massa, leading Canadian television journalist and former host of CBC News Network’s Canada Tonight; and Mohamad Fakih, CEO of Paramount Fine Foods and 2022 Order of Canada recipient.

Nima speaking at the 2023 Young Energy Infrastructure Professionals (YEIP) University of Calgary chapter’s Engineer-in-Training (EIT) and Internship Panel. This panel was a way to inspire engineering students to gain a step forward in the energy industry and learn firsthand from engineers early on in their careers.

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