Empowered girls become empowered women, shaping a brighter future for all.

Mariama Mamie Allie

2024 Top 30 Under 30


AGE: 28


HOMETOWN: Kabala, Koinadugu Northern Province, Sierra Leone



  • CAUSE Canada Sierra Leone Partnership
  • Feminists United Sierra Leone and Allies (FUSLA)


What specific issue(s) are you taking on, and what inspires you to do so?

Most of my work focuses on empowering marginalized girls through mentorship, skill-building and fostering a supportive community network. My work with CAUSE Canada Sierra Leone Partnership focuses on providing educational support, psychosocial support and mentoring less privileged girls to enable them to not just break barriers but also cultivate a strong sense of belonging, resilience and the skills necessary to navigate life complexities. 

As a member of Feminist United Sierra Leone and Allies, my work focuses on advocating against gender-based violence and promoting a cultural shift towards gender equality and creating a more tolerant and inclusive society.

Losing both of my parents at a very tender age made me develop a passion for empowering marginalized girls, working closely with communities to help in addressing their needs, promoting teamwork, and creating sustainable solutions for positive change.

What does climate change or climate justice mean to you? To your work?

To me, climate justice means recognizing and addressing the impacts of climate change on all individuals and communities. It involves advocating for policies and actions that consider the diverse needs and vulnerabilities of people and communities, ensuring that the burden and benefits of environmental decisions are justly distributed. It’s about fostering a sustainable and equitable future for all.

What advice do you have for other young people looking to get involved in sustainable development?

I would advise them to educate themselves on environmental issues and sustainable practices, as well as volunteer in raising awareness and push for sustainable development policies in their communities.

Mariama Mamie supplying exercise books and textbooks to high school girls in Sierra Leone who also have their lesson fees covered through CAUSE Canada’s bursary program.

Mariama Mamie engaging community stakeholders in conversations about gender equality and equity.

CAUSE Canada’s educational support program provided textbooks to school children, pictured here with Mariama Mamie.

Mariama Mamie talking to teenage girls about the causes of climate change and how they can help prevent it.

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