It is an incredible honour to introduce the 2019 Top 30 Under 30 award recipients in this year’s Alberta Council for Global Cooperation Eighth Annual Top 30 Under 30 magazine.  Each year I am amazed and inspired by the young people working in a multitude of ways to make the world better in Alberta, Canada, and around the world.  In a world that can seem increasingly polarized, increasingly dangerous for women, minorities and marginalized people, stories of hope like those we share in this publication can inspire all of us to be better and do better within our communities. 

This year’s Top 30 Under 30 recipients are particularly inspiring because each of them has committed to working towards gender equality within their work.  Recognizing that gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls is the single most valuable thing each of us can do to reduced poverty, increased economic prosperity for all people, and ensure better health for families, this magazine profiles the incredible commitment and energy young people are putting towards a future where all people, regardless of their gender identity,  are treated equally and fairly.

And while ensuring gender equality becomes a closer reality is vitally important to our planet, recognizing that people exist in a multitude of gender identities and acknowledging the intrinsic value each individual has is a focus of many of our Top 30 recipients.Young people are leading the way and these 30 individuals are amongst the most impressive of all.  I want to send my heartfelt congratulations to each and every one of the recipients for their amazing work and encourage everyone to share the 30 inspiring stories in this publication.

Congratulations to all of the young people featured in  our Top 30 Under 30 magazine and continue the amazing work you do.  I can’t wait to see all  that our Top 30s this year will accomplish in the future and I wish you the very best in continuing the amazing work that you do.



Heather McPherson

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