Get Involved

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Read Up

Find books and articles that explore global and local issues with a critical insight on gender. Source a combination of mainstream and alternative media, remembering to critically analyze the content for biases. 

Focus your knowledge 

Take the time learn about the issues you are most passionate about. When you invest the time to understand an issue, your action will be more appropriate and meaningful. 


Challenge simplistic notions of gender and critically examine social structures to uncover gender inequality. Though the process may be difficult and force you to confront privilege, it enables you to help build a more inclusive and compassionate society.  

Understand Canada’s role  

Visit the Global Affairs Canada website at to learn how Canada’s Feminist International Assistance Policy is applied across international policy and development issues. Stay informed about upcoming forums that Canada is involved in, including the Women Deliver Conference in Vancouver in June 2019.  

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Share Stories

Invite people to share their experiences and stories with you, especially those whose voices are marginalized. This can help you understand the perspectives of others and the challenges they face.  Engaging in storytelling will help you to learn more about the world and the people around you. 

Share your skills

Join networks in your community of others working towards social change.  Share your ideas, talents, and skills in order to further the cause you are passionate about. 

Create Conversation

What are you passionate about? Talk about the issues with your family, friends, and colleagues, and brainstorm innovative ways to be a part of the change.   

Connect online

Use digital platforms to connect with people across the globe on issues that matter! Follow people whose perspectives and thoughts are different than your own. Be sure to engage with us @ACGCNow on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

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Amplify your voice by connecting with others who are advocating for causes you believe in. Attend a rally, or sign a petition that supports change for greater equality. The small actions you take in your daily life to challenge gender inequality helps create a space that is safe for everyone.. 


Participation is key to a healthy democracy. Express your right and responsibility by voting in the 2019 provincial and federal elections.   Ask your representatives about their plans to promote gender equality. Encourage women to participate in the democratic process.


There are many different organizations working to promote gender equality. Find an organization to work with that addresses issues you are passionate about. Volunteering provides a great opportunity to put your values into action.


Evaluate your actions and approaches. Challenge the systems of power as well as privilege, and contemporary circumstances that shape how you live and think in the world. Reflect on whether your advocacy is hindering others, or preventing others from having their voices represented.